Thursday, December 30, 2010

helping with head start

my fabulous sister is over a community action program which deals with head start preschools. this past fall, she was busy planning events all over the state to help get parents involved in their child's education. when mandy plans an event- it is always a full-scale, grandiose production. as she was in the thick of plans, she mentioned she needed volunteers for the events so cade and i gladly volunteered to help out. cade was excited because he was the photographer for the salt lake event. this was right up his alley. he loves taking pictures of EVERYTHING and he was also able to get all sorts of people to pose for him. i was excited because i love promoting literacy and my job was to read to all the kids as they cycled through my station.

at the end of the event, we gave each child a book to take home. it was so rewarding to see their faces light up when they realized that they would have their VERY OWN book to read at home. my sister explained that many of the children grow up in homes that do not have any children's books and these books would be a beginning for them.

i was glad we were able to participate in this event. afterward, cade made a movie to show donors and potential sponsors what this program is doing for the community. so far, the movie has already helped them raise three thousand dollars for future events!

to help volunteer for head start, visit this link. they could really use your help!

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