Wednesday, May 5, 2010

bringing easter back

easter traditions and celebrations run deep in the bullough family. every year for as long as i can remember, we have kept our traditions strong: egg dyeing party with the cousins, easter morning egg hunt at nana's, fluffy easter dresses and easter brunch with the whole family at grammy's. it is the perfect way to celebrate and i have so many fond memories of sugar highs, egg hunts and family fun from over the years. this year, i was excited to have violet join in all the excitement. sure, she is only a few months old and will not remember a minute of any of this- but fluffy easter dresses come in all sizes and the easter bunny is no baby-hater. thus, we celebrated.

egg dyeing:
owen and addy had a great time getting all the eggs colored.
grammy is always sure to buy all sorts of whacky egg kits for us to try out every year. this year's hits: the sand kit and neon eggs.

easter morning:
the easter bunny brought spoils to addy, owen and violet this year. even with all the fun, however, it was hard to wake up. this little boy is not really a fan of morning time.
while owen was deciding if waking up was really worth it, addy ran throughout the house grabbing egg after egg and giving it to baby vi.
cade was in charge of hiding a few eggs for the kids; however, cade is not so fond of mornings either so his eggs were easy to find.
violet gathered the eggs her cousins found for her and was soon buried in a pile of easter surprises.

fluffy easter dresses:
violet's easter dress this year was violet, of course!

we tried to get a good shot of the kids all together all gussied up for the day- but this was the best one we could get.

we love easter!

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