Thursday, September 3, 2009

um, where did august go?

it is weird to look back and see a month pass so quickly... here are the highlights in no particular order:

the okkervil river/iron and wine concert:

standing for 4 hours straight isn't really my thing these days.
but the company was good and the music was fabulous.
we are really packing moments like this in because there is no way i am taking my children to concerts where weed abounds and there is no room to breathe.


somehow cade convinced me to take a hike with the youth in our ward. don't get me wrong- i love hikes but carrying around this extra weight is a little difficult at times. nevertheless, the hike provided some fabulous views.

the ulcr
cade entered another race- this one 100 miles around utah lake. using his single speed once again, cade had a great ride.


cade and i returned to uvu after all these years to see an owlz game. i love baseball in the summer.

raging waters:

we had a blast at raging waters with some friends. public venues like that are fun- but they always force me to wonder where all these interesting people are 364 days a year. granted, they may be at lagoon or cherry hill but if not there- where are they? the slides were fun (yes, i was careful with the babe). sure, we were attacked in the wave pool which resulted in being kicked across the face- but overall it was great. cade and jason invited marcos, a special needs friend from high school, to join us at the park. seeing him enjoy the water park was as much fun as the rest. kudos to you, raging waters.


we spent four days with cade's sister's kids in heber. they pretty much took care of us for those four days. they always had dinner ready when we got home from work and we spent the rest of our time playing games, doing pedicures, playing basketball and going to the farmer's market. we love those kids and miss them already.

so there you have it: august.

now on to a crazy september!


Anonymous said...

Well, you two never stop. We know now why we never see you. You are busy busy busy. I have you enjoy the U game and go Aggies! Love Mommy and Pops

Jess said...

Ash you look SOOOO cute!!! I just love you guys, let's try and get together soon??

Mackay Family said...

August was busy. Seriously you guys are always doing fun things. 100 mile bike ride...Cade is crazy!

Laina said...

I'm with you. August just flew by. You look so great. Hope you are still feeling great. Glad to hear time is going by quickly, sometimes pregnancy days can drag.

the Eggett's said...

cool post dude, . . . I agree with anonymous who said, " you two never stop". Glad you are having fun! . .

question, when are you due?