Monday, August 10, 2009


classic skating: i have always been a fan. you had better believe we jumped at the opportunity to go there for free last week- and we weren't alone. cade, his sister and her kids all go to the same orthodontist, dr. nord. in appreciation of the thousands they have spent on perfect smiles, dr. nord invited all patients- along with "family and friends"- to classic for a free night of fun. i don't know if dr. nord is aware, but in the taylor family "friends and family" results in grandparents, 9 adults, 20 kids and seiko. we are a package deal, folks.

here are the visual highlights:

the girls gearing up for a romantic 'snowball' session.

eliza was so excited about this shot, she took the small asian boy out. people were dropping like crazy out there though- it's all part of the fun.

speaking of falls, cade's dad took a rough tumble which led to some interesting therapy options. jon was happy to help roll out some of those kinks.

cade and i entered the 'couple dance' competition and with 20 nieces and nephews screaming their support- you better believe we won. and then i fell. that's classic.

the scrumpies got a little pooped with all this rollerskating business. so they took a break. gotta love that confetti carpet.

this picture is a little dark, but one great part about family night at classic is all the strollers! that never flies on friday nights when the place is swarming with 11 year old hormones and liz claiborne perfume. it was great! the babies loved it!

cade was much better at escorting the kids around the rink than i was...

and don't forget seiko!!!!

By the end of the night, cade had mastered many tricks... but this one was always a crowd pleaser...

cade was so pleased with the outing, he admitted that "getting braces is finally paying off." thanks, dr. nord!


Mackay Family said...

Seeing your pics makes me want to go! I haven't been there in forever. Good times.

Anonymous said...

great pics! We didn`t know ashley fell. Mommy and Pops

The Funky Bunch said...

We just had an 80's patient night at classic last year for the Orthodontist I work for!!! SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much fun! I am a big fan of Classic...we should all go sometime...seriously. ;)

holtkamp said...

i went to classic skating my first time rollerskating! i haven't gone back since.... :)

Laina said...

Oh classic. Thane's friends family owns it so you can bet we have spent some crazy times there. Got to love it!

MEGanDAVE said...

You guys are hilarious. Dave and I lived right by Classic for almost two years and we never went :( btw this is Megan Blodgett. I just started a blog, I figured since we've been out to lunch once we might as well be blog friends!!

The Hopkins said...

How fun! I haven't been there in so long, ha, I remember I used to get so nervous for the "snowball". you two do so much fun stuff!