Wednesday, March 18, 2009

spring break checklist

essential elements of a great spring break:

forget your camera- check
use your sister's pictures and images from google- check
(below: google image of a broken down aztec)

have your car break down in green river, ut- check
have it fixed in moab- check
make friends with an elderly moab local who buys you stickers- check
fall asleep at the mechanic- check
leave with car still making horrific noises and quitting if you go slower than 60 mph- check
finally make it to denver- check

see how much little owen has grown up- check
go on owen's first bowling expedition -check
have cade show owen the flintstone bowling form- check

go to a park that is straight out of a dr. seuss book- check

bring hurley (one, huge dog), roxy (one, protective dog) and mia (a dog in a wheelchair) and be the center of attention- check
go wild on all the funky park toys- check

have late night conversations with your sister you love so much- check
practice "itsy bitsy spider" with owen- check
eat great food- check
sleep in- check
pretend to fix the car- check

putt, putt back to utah- check
take car to roger's house for some real fixing- check
go to a job interview (cade)- check
purr back to logan in our newly fixed car- check

all in all- we did everything on the list!


Austin and Leslie said...

Wow! You guys never have a dull moment, do you? ;)

Mackay Family said...

Sounds like a fun vacation! Bummer that you had car problems! That park looks like tons of fun. I wish they had ones here! Glad you made it home!

Jess said...

Haha! Oh Ash I just LOVE your posts, they seriously make me laugh so hard! I MISS YOU!! I am glad you had a good Spring Break ... minus the car problems!

Kate Gildea said...

Jealous of your spring break...check

The Hewletts said...

We LOVED every second! Seriously, purr back any ol' time and we'll hit Boulder. Love you guys!