Friday, December 12, 2008

this just in: trust = world peace

no need to panic- belgian police just arrested a group of terrorists they believe were planning on attacking the european summit happening about 5 minutes from our apartment. read the article here. things like this help me sleep at night. thanks, al qaeda!

the news made me start to think that in just a few nights and we will be home in safe, little utah... then i read my friend kate's blog and realize nowhere is safe!

we have had a few experiences lately that have really made me stop and think. i can't believe all the craziness that is going on around all of us- and more, i cannot believe how fast bad seems to be breeding.

let's go back to the basics:

if you can't buy your kids a wii for christmas this year, don't kick in your neighbor's door and take the things they work hard for. get a job- or a second job if buying stuff is that important to you.

if you want to do drugs, go ahead. but if you can't afford this expensive habit, don't sneak your little fingers into somebody else's back pocket for funding. instead, get a job- or a second job if buying drugs is that important to you. or perhaps you could find a nice, less expensive hobby.

if you don't like the policies and procedures of another country, don't strap a bomb to your chest and run into a building. get involved in politics and government and see what using your brain while you are still alive can accomplish in comparison to suicide. others will take your message much more seriously when they think you are sane.

i really do hate feeling like i can't trust other people. i think a lack of trust leads to selfishness and further corruption on both sides of the relationship. just like when i was growing up, the main reason i chose to do the "right" thing when i was confronted with a sticky situation was because i knew my parents trusted me. i knew that losing that trust would be the worst possible outcome, so i worked hard to keep it.

so, even though i think it is sometimes hard, i am going to trust in people to be better. deep down, we all know what is good and what is bad. i am going to trust that everyone is trying to choose good and hopefully al qaeda and the sugarhouse bandits will fear losing my trust so much that they will seek a more noble means to an end.

in all honesty, i know the power of my trust may not bring world peace- but for me it is start.