Tuesday, September 16, 2008

a little piece of pisa

originally, our itinerary called for a trip to pisa on the first day of our adventures- but we blew that when we missed our flight. my young-girl heart honestly thought i would never see the tower as it seemed too far out of our way. however, as we geared up to go to beautiful cinque terre, we found a train route that would allow us to go through pisa, stay for a few hours and then hop back on another train headed the same way. it was perfect!
thus, we didn't get a ton of pictures, mostly because we spent a lot of our time laughing at the ridiculousness of the hordes of tourists who lined the sidewalk with their hands in the air for the classic pisa shot. soo many people looking like this at the exact same time....

we didn't get the classic shot, but cade and i sure did enjoy our little adventure at the leaning tower of pisa.


Randy and Leslea said...

I love it! Keep these posts coming!

Mackay Family said...

I so want to go there...a little jealous right now! You look like you are having tons of fun!