Friday, March 21, 2008

best friends and birthdays... what a pair.

today is my best friend laney's birthday. i love her. we have been best friends ever since she cut her hair like howie mandel and i thought i could help the girl out... (just kidding, laney. we were friends before that- but after the cut, i knew my calling in life).
but seriously, we have the most amazing memories together and i am so thankful for the person she is. some of my favorite laney moments are: salsa dancing in costa rica (followed by a strange obsession with latin dancing in utah and the movie dirty dancing: havana nights), school lunch in high school, skydiving in mesquite, roadtrips to every possible spot, the freshman year 'nair' incident, chirstmas karaoke and every other major event in my life for the past ten years. it has been one incredible ride (pun: a play on words). i love you, laney!


the Eggett's said...

oh yes, I love Laney dearly as well! Happy Birthday to her! I do remember the freshmen year "Nair" incident. I think it took place in my bathroom.

The Buckley's said...

WHAT!!! Ashley? Is that really you? I am so glad you found my blog. I am adding you to my list! Hey congrats on the engagement! I better get invited. I am so happy for you. Hopefully i'll see you sometime and we can chat!

Curt & Cassie Ford said...

Cade, long time no see! I ran into your blog and wanted to say hi. I hope everything is going good in your life. You look like you are having fun, as always:)

Cassie (Montgomery) Ford