Wednesday, February 20, 2008

We're Engaged, and here's how it happened:

Not that I don't love telling how I proposed over and over again, but here is our engagement story in further detail (told in third person).

The sun rose early on Sunday morning and Cade had an epiphany. It was actually the day before that he had this 'epiphany' but the conditions weren't right, so proposal plans were moved to Sunday - extra spiritual indeed. He told his bride-to-be of said epiphany, and the plans were in motion - though the 'epiphany' told to Ashley, was in reality a decoy and cover-up epiphany to the slightly larger epiphany Cade had had the previous day.

During the latter end of Sacrament meeting these words were spoken: "Ashley, I've had an epiphany. The epiphany involves me playing you a song I wrote, but we have to go to a special place for the song to be played, and yes, you need to wear your snow boots."

This was the first time getting engaged for Cade (and the last) and all he knew was that a proposal needed to include a few essential ingredients: A blindfold, a guitar, the 'surprise element', and another random unforeseen variable such as knee deep snow. So off they went.

First they got in the car, then the blindfold masked Ashley's eyes, and then additional U-turns and circles were made in a local church parking lot. Then, they arrived at the special spot - a Nature Walk Park of sentimental value. The two of them had ventured there on a bike ride some months before and it was in this spot Cade first knew he loved Ashley.

The song was played, and then it was time to go - for you see, this was all part of Cade's much larger epiphany. "To me, the surprise element is the most important ingredient from the list of essentials, and I had to incorporate it just right." Cade commented in a follow-up questionnaire.

You see, wedding plans had actually been in motion for quite some time and an official engagement would make the process all the more easier. But Ashley had no idea that Cade already had the ring so the surprise went like this: Cade -"Hey, before we go I wanted to apologize for dropping the ball and taking so long to get a ring. I promise I am going to do my best to start looking, and just so you know it is on my mind as something I need to start to consider..." Ashley - Vocally "No, that is fine, you take your time, there is no rush, I understand." Mentally (What the!? All this and no engagement? Just a sappy song and an apology for dropping the ball!?!? He definitely doesn't have a ring...) - - The let down of no proposal was a surprise in and of itself, a 'primer' surprise so to speak, a precursor to the counter-surprise which would immediately follow. "But before we go, I actually need to tell you that I've been lying" Cade said as he pulled the ring from his coat pocket and got on one knee.

"Will you marry me?"

She said yes.

Yada yada yada.

They're getting married May 9th.


Brett Zobell said...

I liked how you wrote it was your first time getting engaged. What a cool way to propose. You two were made for each other.

Nick & Nicole said...

Congratulations Cade and Ashley! I can't believe you are getting married Cade, it seems like just yesterday you were tagging along with Natalie and I on our bike rides up to Bridal Veil Falls (ahh, good times!). Loved the proposal story!

Nicole (Gildea) Morton

Ashlee said...

Congrats!!!! I"m so happy for you guys and Cade you did a great job proposing. I'm sure Ashley will be proud to tell people how it went down.

I'm looking forward to seeing the anouncement (yes I am expecting one)

kristen said...


Ashleigh said...

okay, found your blog (friend and now client). ashley-we met at the gildea reception. i had the red hair and was also ashleigh. anyway, i'm excited about this new addition to our ward family in the blogworld. i just got a little note from kristen muirhead, kate starts a blog and now this. i'm just overwhlemed with love. good luck with the wedding plans!

Tom said...

Ashley - Great choice with the white on white format on the blog! hah. Anyway, congratulations, I had no idea you were getting married! I posted some thoughts about your marriage on my blog -